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The Club for the Shipping Industry

What is “The Shipping CLUB”?

The Shipping Club is a fully independent logistics network established by a team of skilled former freight forwarders, all with years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence.

In our active and dynamic group, forward-thinking partners have decided to team up with us, breaking away from regular partnerships. We’ve avoided overcrowding by carefully selecting members with expert knowledge of their local markets and a proven track record. Our ultimate goal is to bring together, elevate, and enrich the businesses of our members.

In our fast-paced global market successful collaboration is paramount, and our association serves as a prime example.

In addition, we provide a safe and stable environment for them to grow their business without any concerns regarding external influences.

Are you looking for a partner with whom to share just an few dollars of profit per shipment or do you really want to develop your freight forwarding business and strategies with a long-term partnership?

The Shipping Club is the right place to make it happen. Join the club now

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